Rutger recently finished a 15 year run as Vice President for Yamaha Guitar Group. He has been responsible for all worldwide business outside North America and has been instrumental in the Line 6 and Ampeg acquisitions and post-merger integrations. Prior to Yamaha he was one of the founders of Ableton, the success story in digital audio workstations. For Ableton Rutger set up the commercial organization and expanded by means of business development partnerships. He has set up offices, operations & partnerships on all continents.


Rutger’s passion is helping companies grow and achieve their goals. He gets inspired by innovation & creativity and has a unique talent in commercializing those.


Rutger is also a recording and performing musician, and has published a book on the management of pop groups, awarded best management publication by Ernst & Young. He holds an MBA at Maastricht University and has worked for companies like Sony, EY consultancy, Sonic Foundry and Mojo concerts.


Outside the Musical Instruments industry he is involved in various local government nature and sustainability projects in the greater Amsterdam area.